Step 3: Assess Your Website

Look back at how well the technical aspects of your website operated lastholiday season. Consider :• What technical website issues did you run into last year? • How did you deal with them and are there better solutions you could have implemented? • How could these issues have been prevented in the first place? • […]

Step 4: Stress Test Your Website

The best-laid marketing plans won’t matter if your ecommerce website doesn’t function properlyduring clutch times. Start now to fine-tune the mechanics of your website for the holidays.Here are some of the aspects to consider: • Site security: Online shoppers want to feel secure shopping with yourbusiness. Make sure your security is up-to-date so that customers’financial […]

Understand branding

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Branding is often confused with marketing or advertising. Although related, they’re not the same thing. In reality, marketing and advertising are ways of promoting your brand. Your brand expresses the core values and characteristics of your business, and it should be at the foundation of all your marketing efforts. The goal of branding is to […]

Find out how customers see your brand

Once you’ve taken a stab at putting your business’s brand into words, do some investigation to see if your vision of your brand is in line with the way customers view your business. By seeing your business through your customers’ eyes, you’ll get insights into what matters to them—and what elements of your brand to […]

Types of Marketing Strategies

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Cause Marketing Finding a causes both your customers and your company cares about can create magic for your business. This requires internal knowledge about what your organisation cares about and who they want to help in the world.  A good example of this is Toms Shoes. Instead of doing the traditional “buy one get one […]

Conversation with David Steward

Launch of the Global Leadership Forum, announced by David Steward, Chairman of the Board, World Wide Technology at Annual Event No. 179 on August 18, 2016. Joining the conversation is Joe Reagan, President and CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber and Suzanne Sitherwood, President and CEO, Spire and Chair of the St. Louis Regional Chamber

Magic Johnson Talks Business with Maverick Carter | Kneading Dough

Over nearly the last four decades of his life, Johnson has had the opportunity to excel in a domain where he could earn a tremendous amount of money. All of that only took another significant step forward with his business decision following his Hall of Fame career. These moves since his retirement from the NBA […]

Earvin “Magic” Johnson: Understand Your Customers and Over-Deliver

“The same principles apply as a basketball player and a CEO: focus, strategy, discipline.” During his View From The Top talk on October 5, 2015, Earvin “Magic” Johnson shared business, career, and life advice for Stanford GSB students. “Never let anybody define who you are and who you can become.” Read more insights on Twitter: […]