Step 5: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Now more than ever, consumers are using mobile devices on their paths to purchase. Eighty-two percent of smartphone users use their devices to research products More important, Google is now penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly in mobile search results. (Use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if your site makes the grade.) Bottom line: Your business …

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Step 4: Stress Test Your Website

The best-laid marketing plans won’t matter if your ecommerce website doesn’t function properlyduring clutch times. Start now to fine-tune the mechanics of your website for the holidays.Here are some of the aspects to consider: • Site security: Online shoppers want to feel secure shopping with yourbusiness. Make sure your security is up-to-date so that customers’financial …

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Understand branding

Branding is often confused with marketing or advertising. Although related, they’re not the same thing. In reality, marketing and advertising are ways of promoting your brand. Your brand expresses the core values and characteristics of your business, and it should be at the foundation of all your marketing efforts. The goal of branding is to …

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