Wealth Week (2nd Annual) A Special Black History Month Celebration

In honor of Black History Month, individuals and organizations are sharing information and resources to help you increase your wealth.

About this Event
Success Links, LLC presents

The Black History Month
2nd Annual “Wealth Week”
A Lunch and Learn Series
Wealth Week is a series of special events that share resources and information to help the Black community build wealth.

Tuesday 2/16 – It’s OK to be Black and Rich -Talking about money is the first step to creating wealth. Join us to learn about the stigma behind talking about money and how to overcome it.

Wednesday 2/17 – Building Black Wealth with Entreprenuirsip – Join us as we share how to start a business to create wealth, no matter what level you are at!

Thursday 2/18 – Learn how to swim in the “Shark Tank” – Join us for this fun day, as we share how to get an opportunity to enter your business idea into the Shark Tank environment.

Join us everyday, and you could be the lucky winner of our daily Cash Prizes!

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