Once you’ve taken a stab at putting your business’s brand into words, do some investigation to see if your vision of your brand is in line with the way customers view your business. By seeing your business through your customers’ eyes, you’ll get insights into what matters to them—and what elements of your brand to emphasize.
Bonus: It’s a lot easier to refine the image your customers already have of your brand than to start completely from scratch.

– Listen to what customers are saying about your business on social media and in online reviews. Are there certain words or themes that come up again and again? Do customers think your business is reliable, exciting, boring, caring, luxe?

-Conduct in-person focus groups to get insight into what customers think of your business.
-Use online survey tools to conduct surveys of customers. You can include links to surveys in your email marketing messages and even offer incentives for completing surveys.

-Conduct informal surveys on social media. For instance, you could ask customers to describe your business in one word.

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