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Advance your talent needs through strategic university-industry collaborations that strive to build a strong workforce pipeline through early engagement on campus with students and faculty while also partnering on initiatives for both strategic recruitment and “just in time hiring” needs. Our model provides you with the data analytics and the agile positioning that helps you maximize your university-wide brand with students, alumni, faculty, and other campus partners.

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“Gigternship” is the UNC Charlotte word for micro internships. These short-term freelance work assignments constitute a creative learning experience for a student. Assignments could be as little as a couple weeks and upwards of eight weeks in length, between 50-79 hours of total work. The work will relate directly to the student’s academic course of study or their career goals and provide the student the opportunity to build career related experience, have access to senior leadership, and develop skills for the future. Opportunities can be either virtual, in-person, or hybrid. For profit organizations are required to provide compensation for gigternships. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to provide compensation (as our research shows this attracts more interest) but can post unpaid gigternships.

Niner Challenges

Niner Challenges is our program for organizations that are seeking student support for short term, project based assignments that may not fit into traditional internship parameters but still constitute a strong learning experience for students. Project examples might include research, content creation, social media and communications support, data cleansing and analytics. Projects should be a minimum of 10 hours to a maximum of 49 hours total. Projects developed by partnering organizations can provide a new method to identify and build relationships with candidates that could eventually transition into a formal internship or full time employment while providing students with new opportunities to learn about the world of work and gain relevant experience that they can leverage towards their career endeavors. Organizations set the fixed price the student will be paid for each project (often between $150 and $600 depending on the project scope) and select who they want.